10 Greatest Quotes From The Movie

The Amazon comic collection that was launched not so long ago A League of Their Personal has really good reviews. The set is written and stars Abby Jacobson, who has had comedic success alongside her current hit Broad Metropolis . The group follows the All-Skilled Girls' Baseball League in America as they develop into closed-back teammates and higher players. However, this story was reported earlier by director Penny Marshall. The 1992 film of the same title starred Hollywood heavyweights Geena Davis, Rosie O'Donnell and Tom Hanks.

The movie is an essential illustration of how dependable the girls are and how hard they work, the message of this too carries weight at the moment. The juxtaposition of enjoying baseball while taking etiquette courses is comical while also throwing a twist on girls' expectations right now. The performances within the film are legendary, with some nice odd lines that make it somewhat of a memorable piece of popular culture.

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10 “No crying in baseball!”

Jimmy Duggan

Not exactly the empathic coach, Jimmy Duggan, performed by Tom Hanks, doesn't take an empathic style of teaching. When one out of every player in The Peaches makes a throwing foul, not only is her mistake piercing her pores and skin, but her emotional response to his criticism works right.

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One of the most famous quotes in the movie, it's exhausting to think of another actor who delivers like this Line. As American as baseball itself, Tom Hanks was one of all the major males in Hollywood because of the '90s. His character while hardly selfish in his prime because the coach, his comedic timing instantly makes him a likable and charming character.


“I've seen enough to know I've seen so much!”

PA Announcer

Doris and Mae talking in A League of Their Own.

When the peach makes it to the playoffs, the thrill is exciting. There are journalists and the stadium is full. Performed by Madonna, the song All of the Means Mae is probably one of the greatest in the workforce and has made her league nickname synonymous with that character and perspective. To reinvent it and mark the spread of tradition, Madonna is the right mae. This quote comes at a perfect time within the film, because viewers have already seen that it is, in fact, from The Peaches' perspective. She herself is unapologetic as a pop culture icon, this quote cementing that similarity in her character.

7 “Effectively, may I'm already using the money.” Jimmy Duggan

Jimmy Dugan standing between Kit and Dottie in A League of Their Own. Jimmy Dugan looks at one of his players in A League of Their Own Jimmy Dugan looks at one of his players in A League of Their Own

Happening at the end of the primary recreation, the league's top selling approaches Jimmy into the dugout. In the course of the dialogue, Jimmy spits out an incredibly large packet of tobacco, and in complete rhetorical curiosity, Jimmy is told he'd be disgusted if he had been paid extra.

Done by the incomparable Tom Hanks, Jimmy's delivers a response that proves he only heard what he needed to hear, making it clear that he only exists for the money. Jimmy's only arc change is that he's learning to put a little extra debt into his workforce, and he's more curious about his position than salary.

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