12 Undergraduates from Bihar Karak Civil Companies Exam 2021

PATNA: A number of university students from Bihar, who appeared in the Union Public Service Charges Examination (UPSC) 2021, have proficiently installed it. The results were presented on Monday. Her father is a {hardware} dealer and lives in Kolkata. She completed her main training in Madhepura and then her family moved to Kolkata. In addition to this, she has completed her major training in Kolkata and Delhi.

UPSC Final Result was submitted on Monday in which 4 female candidates were among those with the highest ranked 10.

In addition to Ankita, Chupankar Pratyush from Kattihar ranked 11th, Anshu Priya of Munger ranked 16th, Ashish Kumar of Patna ranked 23rd, Selga of Saharsa ranked 83rd, and Aman Kumar of Kattihar achieved the 83rd rank. Rank 88, Abhinav Kumar of 146, Supra of Aurangabad ranked 197, Vidya Sagar of Sobol ranked 272, Aman Prakash of Rohtas ranked 360, Vishal Kumar of Muzaffarpur ranked 484, Baurush Khairia of Khajaria ranked 542

After presenting the results of UPSC, Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, congratulated the scientists from the state on his achievements or good competence and gave them the best needs for his future.

Fifth Isal Kumar from Muzaffarpur, who was ranked 484th in UPSC, belongs to a poor family. His father died throughout his childhood while his mother was a cattle rancher, owning buffalo and goats. training.

The Police Officer was also a Researcher in Chemical Engineering at IIT Kanpur.


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