3 Emporia colleges under closure Tuesday afternoon

Emporia, Cannes. (WIBW) – Officers have stated that the closure of Emporia Center College and Emporia Excess College has ended. On September 20, Emporia Public Colleges $253 closed at least three of its faculty buildings.

At 1:30 p.m., Emporia Excess Faculty, Emporia Center College and Transitions $253 Construction was under closure. Something like a felony investigation they usually conducted “out of an abundance of caution”.

Based on reviews from the district, the high school is allegedly in the second phase of closing with all transfers and Center College in one phase of closure.

Emporia Police Department informs 13 NEWS that it has received unconfirmed threats to college students at Emporia Excessiv Online College.

The following confirmation has been released from the Emporia College District: “ Out of heavy warning, Excessive Emporia College has been placed into Phase 2 closures previously with immediate effect due to an unverified risk The department placed EHS in shutdown phase 2 and contacted the Emporia Police Department and the Lyon County Police Department.In accordance with our faculty board coverage rules, college student property was inspected by administrators and district safety officials while overseeing the enforcement of regulations.After additional investigation and cooperation with the police department , it was determined that the risk was not credible and college students were dismissed at the end of the university day in any case the closure was lifted.

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