3 ways a school researcher used to show $3,000 in additional scholarships directly into a $150,000 passive income stream powered by Mark Cuban

  • In school, Shan Patel used $3,000 as another scholarship cash to start a business that now earns $150,000 per 12 months in Passive Income .
  • Patel started with what he already knows: how one can raise college students' scores on the SAT and ACT to earn scholarships.
  • Physician and businessman Shan Patel, 32, graduated from college without debt.

    The key to Patel's success was finding more exhaustion to raise his SAT rating from A to A when he was in high school. Regardless of being rejected from every Ivy League college he used with a perfect SAT ranking, he nevertheless earned $500,000 in scholarships from a few top colleges within the United States.

    As a result of being awarded such a large scholarship at University College, Patel received more checks from the financial aid workplace at the end of each semester Academic bills and accommodation books. He used $3,000 in additional scholarships to spend money on his Prep Skilled Phase One, a digital SAT and ACT preparation course company that now costs hundreds of thousands of {dollars} and has helped more than 50,000 college students earn $100 million. of cash grants to the school during the last ten years.

    Here are three issues we'll learn from Patel about starting an organization that earns $150,000 a year in passive revenue.

    1. He started with what he already knew

    After spending hours perfecting the course syllabus, Patel spent $900 for the unique Prep Skilled website, $1,000 to rent a class in his hometown of Las Vegas, and about $1,000 dollars for advertising. His first class came in the summer, in between college classes, and involved 18 high school students who were eager to raise their grades.

    “The typical improvement in the grades of our university students was 376 factors, which is the equivalent of taking a scientist from the 50th to 90th percentile,” explains Patel. Mom and Dad started seeing results, Patel got requests for additional companies, like teaching math and science.

    While he didn't get off To private set up a digital course company that generates passive profits Initially, Patel started with a life-changing experience.When Insider asked Patel for his recommendation to others seeking to start their own passive revenue streams, Patel said, “Start with what.”

    2. Find out from someone who has experience

    Shark Tank Patel had the opportunity and secured $250,000 in funding from Mark Cuban

  • in change for a 20% equity stake.

    Patel used that cash to hire additional workers who might create digital software and offer tutoring in Real time high school kids who want to Help with topics. Initially, Patel and Cuban had plans to open bodily areas across the country, efficiently opening areas in 20 completely different American cities.

    In your whole life, very humble. I can email him at any time and he will usually reply within 5 minutes.”

    3. Putting his clients’ wishes first

    As a result the epidemic has modified the best way to teach college students, Patel and his workforce needed to shift from in-person mentoring to creating self-paced digital programs that college students could access any time they needed to.

    Ranging from studying online” , says Patel. Total sales of digital software helped expand his organization sooner.

    “Now,” Patel urges digital creators, “It is a tremendous time to expand The range of online programs.”

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