9.76 million people in Maharashtra but to get their first vaccine dose | Mumbai information

Round 9.76 million eligible people above 12 years of age in Maharashtra did not even take their first dose due to the fact that Covid-19 vaccination started within the state 20 months ago in the past, knowledge exhibits. The state administration now fears that this reluctance will continue as the epidemic is moving towards its endemic phase.

Dr. Sachin Desai, State Immunization Officer, stated that the response to the vaccination campaign is poor. This is primarily due to the decrease in daily cases and the decrease in the severity of the infection. Now we vaccinate about 50,000 people every day. Most of them are for a precautionary dose with a small percentage in the second shot. People don't even progress to the initial dose for many reasons.”

Of the 101.3 million eligible people over the age of 12 within the state, 91.54 million received their first shot, while 76.29 million were given their second dose. As of Thursday, 8.78 million of the 45 million eligible people had received the preventive or booster dose.

Of the many 35 districts, the cost of vaccination primarily in more urbanized areas such as Mumbai and Pune was greater than 100%, while areas with a low HPI were lagging behind.Nandurbar (72.13%), Nanded (77.45%), Akula (77.77%), Hingoli (78.27%), and Bid (78.51%) are the top 5 regions With the lowest vaccination cost for the initial dose.

Dr. Desai mentioned that officers would go door to door to convince people.He added, “Duty forces headed by collectors do daily assessment and groups visiting families make an inventory of the scenario. Every day, the response has been disappointing.”

Another Welfare official stated that nearly 10 million people had been ignored and the vaccination campaign was unlikely to be ignored. They go back. These are the individuals who refused to be vaccinated even during the height of the second and third waves of Covid-19. They have in no way responded to our efforts”

Prime Minister Eknath Shinde at Monday’s Treasury weekly meeting directed the administration to intensify the campaign.

According to the presentation given to Treasury The state, the state had 6,578 critically ill patients, of whom 547 were hospitalized.Up to 98 of them were in intensive care with 19 of them on a ventilator.6031 of the full vital had sensitive signs.

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