A Chennai doctor was killed after he made films for his fiancé

BANGALORE: Karnataka Police have dismantled the gruesome murder of a Chennai doctor in Bengaluru. Police said Tuesday that an investigation revealed that the doctor's younger fiancé had killed him for posting non-public films of her and her mother online on Tuesday. A 27-year-old man, the accused are Gotham, his good friend Susil, 25, and his fiancée Pratibha, a resident of Miko Structure, all 25 years old. The police are looking for another suspect named Syria.

On September 10, Vikas was fatally attacked, and died on September 18 in a personal hospital. The network occurred across the border of Begur Police Station, Bangalore

Dr. Police said Vikas and the accused Pratibha are a Chennai national. Pratibha was a practicing architect. In the past, they connected social media and started a relationship.

They confessed to their families that they had fallen in love. After agreeing, they set their wedding date in November of the next 12 months. Dr. Vikas studied drugs in Ukraine and worked as a doctor in Chennai.
They started the residency en masse when he came to Bangalore for tutoring on how to continue his research for another six months. Dr. Vikas has been recording private gifs of his fiancée Pratibha at the moment. Police stated that he had additionally recorded her mother's films. Police stated that there was a fight between the Vikas and Pratibha families.

Pratibha was affected by the event and shared it with her various accused companions. On September 10, Dr. Vikas was invited to Sushil's home, and when he arrived, the suspects allegedly beat him with a mop stick and various items, police said. An additional investigation was conducted. Attributed to an Illicit Relationship Stabbing the Husband to Death, Arresting the Husband and His Dear Friend

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