A land dispute in Bihar led to a bloody shootout, a couple were killed, and three were injured

A couple was killed in Mansurpur Lodipur village in Patna district of Bihar state and their children were injured after their house was attacked by the assailants in what appeared to be a case of land dispute. Arun Singh and his wife Mango Devi, both in their 40s, died on the spot while their three children were infected. He was seriously injured and is undergoing treatment at a personal hospital in Patna while the other two corresponding between 12 and 14 years old, Gulu Kumar and Sudhir Kumar were slightly injured after being shot in the neck and cheeks by a bullet. Disgruntled natives blocked Patna Bakhtiyarpur Nationwide Highway 30 with the bodies of the couple for about 3 hours. The matter was re-investigated and after due deliberation with the protesters, the blockage was dismantled.” Locals advise that the incident was rather horrific. Karo Singh, brother of the deceased Arun Singh, stated “at round 7-8 in the evening when everyone was busy with their work inside the dorm , out of 10-15 armed with rifles and pistols and they started shooting violently and that terrified the whole place.

The victim’s family claimed that the local police were colluding with the perpetrators because the accident occurred at 7.30-8.00 pm, and the police were aware of the incident the whole time. However, this point only reached 3 hours later From the incident at 11:30 p.m. It is reported that the deceased Arun Singh and his neighbor Baidu Singh had a previous land dispute. Eight days ago, every family fought fiercely and fired shots. The incident was not reported to the police and no case was registered. Open Highway commuter. No official was willing to talk about something on the digital camera. (ANI)

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