A new task! Make the family turn to the small business

Mumbai : Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey' has won the hearts of followers with his episodes which are mostly based on many social themes and stereotypes, Plus points for the spreading man. The present would be rather cool because the next screen is likely to be generated inside the next screen.

Learn Plus – Wagle Ki Duniya: Attracting Attention! Rajesh and Vandana have a strong realization

In the previous episode, Rajesh and Vandana realize that what is happening with the daughter of Asha (home help) Komal is one small business. People call it babysitting, but making children work this way is illegal and will stop.

In the next episode, getting Komal out of the case of child labor becomes an important motive. Rajesh also realizes that Munna tea seller in his workplace can suffer from child labour.

Learn Plus – Wagel Ke Dunya: Attention! Rajesh scolds Sakhi, Atharva has tremendous info

How will Wagle sort this example?

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