A policeman's special means of detecting helmet awareness

Enforcing the helmet rule has been a strenuous exercise in police across the country.

The Policeman’s Distinctive Strategy for Revealing Helmet Awareness

Nothing seems to discourage those who do not wear helmets, not even those who do challans Cop. So, when someone was caught riding his two-wheeled bike without a helmet, the cop made sure he got his level up in all of his distinct personal means.

Cop Cop Screengrab / Twitter

In a video that goes viral, a policeman may be seen confronting a person for not wearing a helmet. Instead of fining the knight, the police officer took a modest strategy. He put the helmet on the rider's head and began to explain instructions to the visitors of the site as if he was repeating some phrases

( Hymns).

The video has been posted by a consumer named Jaiky Yadav on YouTube.

“This brother did not wear much respect, at his wedding,” the video was suspended.

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