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The file, with its many sticky notes notable from it, appears to be impossibly giant on the small dining table of the residence in Santacruz (W). The file is part of Nidhi Kukreja's massive analysis to reveal what really happened on the evening of December 31 and January 1, 2021 – when her daughter Janvi, 19, was murdered while partying outside with friends. She has known a few of these colleagues throughout her life.

Jhanvi Kukreja would have turned 21 in August. Alternatively, a week after her birthday, Niddhi Kukreja was standing at the court hearing schedule for other chapters, AB Sharma decided to hear him for an order that might allow her to assist Special Prosecutor Pradeep Gharat in her daughter's murder trial.

Arguments in the murder case are set to begin Monday, and Neddy is hoping the trial's twists and turns will echo among the questions that have haunted her for more than 12 months.

The Kukreja family's grief is exacerbated by the excitement surrounding Jhanvi's death, “and the strange way in which others who attended this celebration and their families – along with people we have recognized for years – have acted ever since. “

On the evening of the 31st of December, which was also the birthday of Janhvi Prakash’s father, the family celebrated a bit after the Jai Hindu world came out for a brand new 12-month celebration with her Bhagwati friends. Heights in Khar, about two kilometers from their Santacruz residence. There were about 10 friends in celebration with Diya Padalkar, their next door neighbor and Janvi's childhood friend. Three other women were living in the Kukreja building at the same ceremony hosted by Yash Ahuja whom Jhanvi met via their regular mates.

In the 5 a.m. round on January 1, 2021, Prakash Kokreja got a name from Sameer Padalkar, Zia's father. “All he said was that the ladies were in an unfortunate accident and that I should come to Khar Police Station.” Prakash says he again referred to Sameer as Sameer: ​​”It didn't make sense. If the ladies had an accident, I need to know which hospital they were in. Sameer mentioned that Janvi was at Bhabha hospital and Diya was Hinduja hospital. Then he said I should come to Khar police station and hang up the phone,” recalls Prakash Kokreja, who works for a shoe company.

When he arrived at Khar Police Station, he noticed a large gathering there with the young ones opposite and their mum and dad. “A police officer told me that Jhanvi had died, and that I had simply collapsed,” Prakash recalls. Although the hospital's initial report indicated an accident, the 48 January accidents combined with a skull fracture convinced the mother and father that this was no coincidence.

Subsequent police investigations revealed that an altercation took place between Janvi Kukrija and the two accused, Diya and her friend Shri Jogdankar. However, it was not clear to Neddy what the fight was about, but police say the controversy led to a violent altercation and its eventual demise. The Jhanvi structure was discovered on the lower ground of the Bhagwati Highlands, and there is evidence that she was dragged from the eighth ground to the second ground where her bangles, earrings, sandals and her hair tie were discovered scattered beside the stairs. However, it is not clear how Jhanvi's physique got to the bottom of the earth or why Jhanvi's blood was discovered on the mattress on which Diya later slept inside the Ahuja house. These are among the questions Neddy Kukreja hangs around as she cooperates with the prosecution in trying her daughter for her daughter's murder. She is also aware of many others who were present at the celebration that evening. “They've come to my house on quite a few occasions, ate at our desk and watched many hours of TV with my two daughters,” she says. Zia Padalkar, the accused and their next-door neighbor were like part of the family. Diya is currently on bail, and the Padalkars have, for murder. I moved from the neighborhood to Andheri.

Nidhi says she also met the opposite accused Shri Jogdankar, who was 21 years old, at a number of events. “He was a friend of Jhanvi. He had a dog, and we adopted Laila who will come to see her.” Nidhi Kokreja insists that there was no romantic relationship between Shri and her daughter. outside to them. “Ahujas, in whose house the celebration was held, did not even call for consolation,” says the stunned mother. “I know these kids; lawyers don't. These little guys usually sleep in my house after they get home late and are afraid their mom and dad are going to yell at them – but all along I've been fairly telling mom and dad that the kids were in my house, even Fear not. But, when my daughter was so brutally attacked, not a single mother or father did me the courtesy of even calling from the police station to tell me what had happened,” says Neddy amidst tears. She was shocked that none of the women who grew up before her eyes came forward with an eyewitness account. “They get away from us just like the plague. In case they see our car coming, they flip their car.”

Niddhi Kukreja who put her life in charge of putting together the sequence of that evening collectively – she is the one who will be attending the court table hearings – He says the trial is where some of her questions will likely be answered. “It was necessary that I be allowed to be an aide to the Special People’s Party as the young men who would be called will see me there as witnesses. They know I can arrest them and I hope that my presence will charm their conscience.”

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