A stray cable on overhead equipment delays 10 locals | Mumbai information

MUMBAI Up to 10 local trains were delayed on Monday afternoon after a cable was discovered hanging on overhead gear between Kalyan and Vithalwadi stations.

During the last four months, there have been 10 such incidents where items such as gill baggage, clothing, ropes or banners have fallen onto overhead equipment (OHE), delaying businesses on the central line.

Such accidents can greatly affect the operation of local trains. Railroad officers have stated that while a few of these may be unintentional, there may be plenty of well-meaning miscreants.

RUN 1:55 PM On Monday, a cable wire was discovered hanging over OHE, affecting certain trains in Kalyan. It took about 20 minutes to remove the cable and companies resume by 2:15 pm.

“OHE has 25,000 volts of power to pull off such things. Shivaji Sutar, Chief Public Relations Officer, Central Railways said: “Similarly, seven such incidents occurred during the month of August, where a rope from nearby buildings or a television cable or road light cable fell from the railway over the bridge, disrupting the work of the bridge. Railroads.Two cases occurred during June and one in July where a canvas was hung from a banner on a passenger building in China.

Railroad response, “If there is an injury Master in those wires, it takes more than a day to restore it. During such situations, trains are usually not operating. It will have an impact on a large number of passengers along the way. Usually as a result of gale force winds around the monsoon, there is little improvement in such incidents. An officer from CR.

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