Action to fight hunger in the Gulf region

TAMPA, Florida – As part of Starvation Motion Month, Feeding Tampa Bay reminds that neighborhood assistance is available on the market for one in seven food insecure adults and one in 4 food insecure children.

Due to the pandemic, now inflation, the group is responding to increasing destitution by increasing its providers.

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      • As part of Hunger Month, Tampa Bay Nutrition Remind That Neighborhood Help is Available in the Market
      • Within the Bay Area, one in seven adults and one in four children are unsafe meals
      • Tampa Bay Feed

It's been a very long time since Janet Corridor, a former nurse, has been shopping for modern products.

Male Corridor.

However, Feeding Tampa Bay is here to help.

This is Janet's first time at Feeding Tampa Bay's Publix Neighborhood Market.

“Occasions are serious, I pay the lease and after I pay the lease I have $30 left,” she said. “It's a blessing from God and from all the people here.”

While volunteers stock lockers with up-to-date items, Corridor picks groceries and fills her cart. Feeding Tampa Bay has added and expanded packages to meet the increased need due to the pandemic and inflation. “The workers,” said Thomas Mantz, president and CEO of Feeding Tampa Bay. “Meal insecurity is not just for those of us who are at the back of the financial scale, but for the people who work every day.

In truth, most of the people we serve have jobs, homes, and obligations. They simply don’t earn what Enough to make ends meet.”

Making ends meet, buying meals whose value has gone up more than 13%, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When evaluating costs from August 2021 to August 2022, the price of eggs increased by 82.3%, the price of a boneless rooster increased by 33.1%, the price of potatoes per pound increased by 24.7%, and the price of a gallon of milk increased by 17.8% .

Corridor is grateful for the help.

“I honestly feel like I took the lottery,” Corridor stated. “It's Christmas.”

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