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MUMBAI: Considering that “the accused was apparently searched in the presence and in the eyes of a male officer” and “later, there may be a clear violation of Part 50 of the NDPS Act,” released on bail a girl from Mumbai accused of possession of 65 grams of mephedrone;
The September 20 order accepted her lawyer Kiran Gogaval's argument that she had “not been properly assessed for her rights to search by a magistrate or an OJ officer,” under Part 50 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.
She requested that she be released on bail because she was “wrongly involved, the process governing the search and seizure has not been properly approved making her untrustworthy, she or she suffers from tuberculosis and wants to have surgery for a broken leg.” “With regard to decency and decency,” her search was supposed to be in a “secluded place,” her lawyer said, never in the presence of a man.
Prosecutor SS Panjwani argued that a commercial amount (greater than 50 grams) of MD, an artificial stimulant or psychotropic, had been seized and, if released, would delight her with the same crime. The PP stated that it was a “possibility recovery”, so there was no need to adapt to Part 50 of the NDPS Act. A court table order issued by Particular Decide VG Raghuwanshi stated, “But she appears to have been searched and had a handkerchief on her fingers. The contraband was stored inside the handkerchief. Compliance with Part 50 was mandatory.”
The court order has ordered the release of Alia Sheikh from a PR bail of Rs 50,000.

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