After being sexually harassed by a Mumbai native, a lawyer recounts the horrific ordeal of being criticized; probe request

A 25-year-old lawyer on Thursday accused railway police of treating her with insensitivity and indifference after she was sexually molested by a person inside the girls' room of a Mumbai native.

The police leadership must be made aware of the easy ways to deal with the victims of such incidents and take responsibility for their duties, the lady said in an extensive tweet thread that went viral.

A The case was registered at Andheri GRP Police Station and three groups were formed to arrest the accused. The Railway Police Commissioner stated that orders were issued to investigate the woman's allegations of misconduct by law enforcement officials towards her.

The accident occurred on Wednesday morning when the lady was wandering to her office from inexperienced cotton to Jogeshwari in the port administration of Central Railway. In response to the police, a person, about 40 years ago and apparently mentally unstable, climbed into the high-quality women's cabin she was wandering about alone in Andheri.

Because the standby approached Jogeshwari station, he sexually molested her before jumping and escaping. “Arrival at Andheri Railway Police Station, I was visibly sad and crying. When I spoke to the Chief of Police and informed them I used to be harassed and I would be quiet and talk about it to a female policewoman, the basic query he asked of me was ‘Harassment of Kia Huta Hai’ (What is harassment),” the lady wrote in a tweet.

When she got to know the culprit in the CCTV footage, one of the many stockpiled policemen was telling her that, being a lawyer, she should hit the person, Ms. advertiser. She said she was forced to relate the incident on three to four occasions and her confirmation was recorded after three long hours at Andheri Railway Police Station. She said the place where she was sexually harassed falls under the jurisdiction of the Borivali Railway Police Station and the information can be forwarded to them. During the night, she got a name from Borivali Railway Police Station, and called her sooner again to prove the culprit in the CCTV footage.

A day in my life again as a result of the Andheri Railway Police not getting ahead of the key points of the exact one who did this to me,” I wrote.

“This moment really scares me. I am a special girl who reside near south Bombay. I take a crowded citizen in the morning rush hour to check out my office. I am educated and financially unbiased. She stated that being a lawyer helps me because I know the exact scope of police duties.” Below, “The best way our police handle these circumstances is absolutely appalling,” the lady added. If she had not realized that she had the subtlety of asking a lady of police to accompany her at the time of registration Confirmation or if she was a “young woman, of a minority, of a weaker financial background, someone who was not 'realizing these rights',” her scenario would have been much worse. “Ma’am, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. An investigation is underway and we are impressed with your cooperation throughout the day via. We have been notorious for your account of the behavior of our employees and can educate them accordingly,” GRP tweeted.

Borivali GRP was investigating the case under the management of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Western Region added. A police official said that the accused, who was seen in a semi-naked state in the CCTV footage, gave the impression that he was mentally unstable and that efforts were underway to arrest him. Latest information in India and Urgent information here

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