akasa air: a market large enough for additional players; You don't see strong competitors among airlines, says co-founder of Akasa Air

During the interval leading up to the pre-Covid wave, the company closed three, 100 flights per day. Currently it is 2,700, 15% below where it was, says Praveen Air , co-founder, AKASA AIR

Akasa Air has been launched with 5 locations. When to increase to different cities?
We now added Delhi not too long ago as our sixth holiday. We already fly to Bombay, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and now Delhi. We'll announce our next batch of routes to offer in a few days, but as a plane arrives every 15 days, you'll notice an increase in the number of routes and announcements.

The entire aviation sector is getting hotter with the latest arrivals and revival of Akasa Air. What is your overall assessment of the exceptional competitors rising in the skies of India?
The market is large enough for additional players. In the pre-Covid wave, the company closed three 100 domestic flights per day. Currently it is 2,700, 15% lower than where it used to be. The August numbers are here for all to see. We had nearly cruising passengers, which was close to 11.7 million back in August of 2019. I would say there might be enough stadium to come by. Honestly, I don't see strong competitors.

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