All Rick Sanchez references at MultiVersus

MultiVersus is one of the most popular blockbuster video games out there at the moment, due in part to the fact that it collectively brings together the hottest characters from the former couple long time television and film . With 4 characters already in its first season, players are left in awe until the next character is introduced. The latest is the multi-dimensional traveler Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty.

The mad world has been recreated in all its drunken glory, bringing gadgets among the most iconic moments of the present. Rick sees himself as a god, and his combination of moves will definitely make him very effective when blocked.

Listed here are all references related to the Rick Transfer Kit at MultiVersus.

All Rick Sanchez references in MultiVersus from Rick and Morty

Portal Tech

Screenshot by Grownup Swim
A screengrab of a Rick and Morty Episiode showing the characters running through portals

In Rick's multiple universes, the smartest man in the universe. He presents himself with this honorary title due to his ability to create multi-dimensional work portals that enable him to go anywhere, anytime. While Rick used fewer portals in Rick and Morty season six, they were a relentless staple to the character for the cause of the beginning of the present.

Rick's Laser Gun

Many followers eagerly awaited the beginning of the third season Rick and Morty , which only took a few years to release. In it, players demonstrate how the Rex Council will respond to a different Rick taken hostage: the assassination. With a quick thought, Rick transferred his consciousness to one of the many Seal Group Ricks before taking everyone inside the room out.

the master. MICEX A screengrab of a Rick and Morty Episiode showing the characters running through portals

Those who have been watching Rick and Morty for that first season will instantly recognize these little blue males. Their only need is to satisfy the activity earlier than their current hiatus altogether, and thus they are totally cool with it. Rick's Meeseeks honors those in the present, with one trained on a golf swing that captured Jerry and a murder house. It's definitely hard to overlook their initial appearance.


Screenshot by Grownup Swim

Within the sequence pilot Rick and Morty , Rick and Morty takes on one of their first adventures. When Rick's portal gun runs out of cost, they have to bring back the dwelling through multidimensional habits. To get away from the seeds being confiscated, Morty has to help Rick by hiding the seeds in a funky place. In MultiVersus , you can even hide these seeds inside your enemies with a top-up attack.

Go Go Sanchez Ski Footwear !

In the episode “Tinyverse,” Rick and Morty race back into a spacecraft to escape a small world that Rick created to power his car. Part of this includes a parody of Rick Inspector Gadget before his skates appeared to be out of his shoes. This transport is recreated in MultiVersus when Rick makes a side attack.

Rick's Cybernetics


A screengrab from Rick and Morty showing the large mega seeds

Throughout the present day, many followers do not forget that Rick at all times seems to have the right tool when he wants it. He often sports some sort of new technology on his arm, whether that's a tiny hook or not or the missiles he reveals in MultiVersus. Rick also has missiles in his shoes, which help him inflict harm on enemies.

A screengrab from Rick and Morty showing the large mega seeds

Arguably one of the popular lively scenes from Rick and Morty, Get Schwifty is the right picture of Rick Simply hoping for perfection. So it is fitting that is a sarcasm in MultiVersus. Rick will maintain the microphone and dance, showing off his basic external abilities that prevent him during recreation.

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