Amazing! An unknown man entered the Sangan family claiming to be Emily's husband

Mumbai: Anandibaa Aur Emily is a brand new series that started on Star Plus and is now running fairly effectively.

Presenting stars Jazzy Ballerini and Mishkat Varma in the lead roles, Present produced by Rishabh Sharma and Tony Singh under the banner of Optimystix Leisure.

Today observing the present can be a huge engagement and keep viewers hooked on the present because the observation goes to provide you with a massive touch.

Anandiba is trying her best to eliminate Emily and the way she tries to win her coronary heart is the main story of the series. has evolved.

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The whole family will be shocked to see an unknown man named “Chirag” enter the house and announce that he is Emily's husband.

Everyone can be shocked and won't know how to react to this situation. Get Emily drunk on a bang to help her trace her steps and remember what happened in her life. Find out if Chirag is in fact Emily's husband.

What do you think will happen during the next episode?

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