Amit Shah will go to Seemanchal in Bihar late September, his first after JD(U) exit

Federal Residence Minister Amit Shah may visit Bihar, particularly the Muslim-dominated Semanchal district of the state, and it was his first visit after Janata Dal (U) split methods with BPP Janata to ally with Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) to write authorities.

High-ranking sources within the BJP have confirmed that Mr. Shah will be going to Bihar from September 23-24 and can handle two demonstrations, one in Purni and the other in Kishangang, each within space Seemanchal.

“Amit Shahji may be in Patna first for the BJP core group assembly. There may be an overview of the program of senior social gathering leaders who will go to 200 meeting divisions within the state. Then There may be two public meetings, one in Purnea and one in Kishanganj,” the show stated.

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These are the areas with Muslim population between 35% and 70%. The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance did well there during the 2019 elections, again largely due to sectarian polarization. The National Democratic Assembly won three out of four seats in the space allocated for this. Even the seat that JD(U) got was by a BJP member who fought for the JD(U) card because the two events were in an alliance.

“To go to Seemanchal can also be saankaitik (symbolic)”, added Giving an indication of the fact that within Mahagatbandhan , the collective bands of JD(U), RJD and other provided the enormous caste calculations which needed to be confronted from During Hindutva unification via caste traces.

This plan comes as Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has indicated that he is able to announce the management of opposition events nationwide.

His social gathering put up posters in Patna stating that it is easy: “(After being seen within the state, it will be seen nationally” with {image} accompanying Mr. Kumar.

The posters appeared here, by the way, while the Chief Minister of Telangana, Ok. Chandrasekhar Rao, who himself made an attempt to deliver the opposition’s events en masse on a single discussion board, went. While the standardization of Hindutva vs. background cycles did not work well as a tactic for the BJP in the 2015 assembly elections, it is where faced the Mahagatbandan

) ) For the first time, Mr. Shah seems to be able to introduce it again.

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