An eye-catching incident that prompted him to quit his job and pulled thousands upon thousands of children out of shock

In the year 2002, Sriram V Ayer from Chennai was comfortably working in a corporate agency that was effectively paying him. But in a few months, the whole collection was modified. He has witnessed the effects of the Gujarat riots, particularly the devastating impression it made on children.

Throughout the same time period, he arrived here throughout the period of a boy named Vinod, who was promoting agarbattis to stay. Ayer knew that like Vinod, a large number of different children were pressured to help their families and, because of this, were unable to continue their education.

In 2003, after resigning from his job, Sriram collectively set up a foundation known as NalandaWay to educate and empower children from low-income backgrounds, as well as those who have lived through the trauma of child labor, disaster, violence and HIV trafficking and more.

NalandaWay is quite different in a number of ways. Other than simply providing education, the organization works with children to “Acquire the Arts” (ATA) and make studying fun.

“Once a group of young people asked why they were not interested in the school and the lessons, the solutions I got were all natural – tired of the way the issues are taught, academics who are rude, and a banal lack of any incentive to revise and do effectively,” he says. Sriram took notes from them and created the organization.

The children included here are taught mostly theater, dance, music, photography, art writing, storytelling and film based on their endeavors. So far, the muse has worked with more than 10 million undergraduate students across Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Bihar and Jammu and Kashmir.

Watch How Ayer Reshapes Thousands upon Thousands of “Nalanda Mean” Lives:

Edited by Divya Sethu

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