Application goals by entrepreneurs in Pune to help small farmers with crop warnings

At a time when small farmers are affected by the increasing prices of agricultural inputs and gas costs, two agro-entrepreneurs, each son of farmers from western Maharashtra, have developed a free knowledge-based consultancy platform geared towards boosting agricultural production while preserving On the well-being of the soil at the same time.

Praveen Shinde and Vishnu Das, founders and administrators of the “KhetiGuru” platform, intend to empower small farmers with accurate data and knowledge – appropriate from land preparation to harvest levels – to add excitement to crop manufacturing.

The platform, which was launched earlier this month, focuses on the crop vitamin and is intended to be somewhat 'preventive' than a useful resource for 'healing' by avoiding crop damage. from pests and diseases to help farms obtain greater yields.

“KhetiGuru has a knowledgeable staff of fifty agronomists to seamlessly deliver the advisory service providers. They will assist farmers in need, from preparing the land to the varied levels of the crop life cycle, whether it is sowing, flowering, fruiting or harvesting , along with recommending various featured goods developed by KhetiGuru,” says Mr. Shinde, who hails from a farmhouse in Satara District.

As KhetiGuru focuses on crop vitamin and well-being, there is likely to be a decrease in the use of chemical insecticides aimed at extending soil welfare.

From “KhetiGaadi” to “KhetiGuru”

The concept of this platform did not come out of the blue: in 2016 The duo launched “KhetiGaadi” – an agricultural model from OLX – which for the first time created a web-based ecosystem of farm mechanization in India.

The platform, which provides farmers with diverse product options with bespoke specifications for purchasing, promoting and renting agricultural implements, is changing the face of farm mechanization in India. It has already recorded a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of Rs 1,200 crore in 2019 in 2021-22.

“The superior response to the KhetiGaadi initiative, which is currently in use by more than 50 farmers across India and which addresses the challenges of India’s slow farm mechanization fee, has led us to be highly presumptuous on issues related to damaging crops,” says Mr. Shinde.

In response to Mr. Das, KhetiGuru, like KhetiGaadi, aims to “create profound disruption in the agricultural service provider sector.”

“While the current {industry} focus is on providing options for post-disease damage, we need to move forward with these options by specializing in the prevention of crop damage, whether from pests or Diseases KhetiGuru will provide free consulting service providers by certified agricultural engineers, at a time when the agricultural industry charges farmers anywhere between Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 4,000 per 12 months,” says Mr. Dhas, whose mother and father worked on farms.

In order to address the problems farmers face, KhetiGuru offers special kits for different levels of the crop cycle reminiscent of Alwani Fermentation Package, 'Development Special' Package, Flowering Package, Drip Special Package, pH Stability Package and Inter-activator different merchandise.

“With KhetiGuru, we intend to provide a full stack service to farmers, from land preparation to seeding to vegetation to pre-harvest and harvesting, with the aim of maximizing the production of their crops by specializing in preventive care. Also, farmers can Utilizing toolkits designed specifically for specific crops along with bananas, sugarcane, rice, soybeans, onions and flour.

As with KhetiGaadi, the duo, in their interactions with farmers over the past few years, have come up with Conclusion that the dearth of proper knowledge, know-how and awareness were the main reasons hampering most crop yields, especially in the case of small farmers. Environmental fluctuations.

“After working hard with farmers, we discovered that the soil is deteriorating due to the misuse of Chemical compounds in fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides. Moreover, there is the increasing value of agricultural inputs and, more importantly, farmers do not get exact guidance and recommendation on different points of the crop cycle, so the tip result is disappointing”, says Mr. Das.

The motto of the KhetiGuru platform is to keep the farmer away from the indiscriminate use of pesticides to help him conserve the soil.

“To date, we have developed 62 products of crop vitamins and crop-enhancing goods that have been efficiently used by 1,000 farmers as a program Demo yet. Expansion and flowering commodities are built on nanotechnology and are available in 1gm packages for a single acre crop”, says Mr. Dhas.

Further, farmers can have the required tools, seeds, fertilizers and crop safety vitamin commodities delivered Home with the KhetiGuru App Available on Play Retailer

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