Armed robbery was averted at Zaveri Market, and three of them were detained

LT Marg Police on Thursday night arrested three suspects who were allegedly approaching a jewelery shop robbery inside Zaveri Bazaar in South Mumbai. Three pistols were recovered from the accused, who has criminal data in Mumbai as well as New Delhi.

The center of gold trading in Mumbai, Zaveri Bazaar witnesses inflow of gold in and out as well as money value of Rs crore every day. Apart from dozens of small, medium and colossal jewelry stores, the world can also inhabit very few jewelry manufacturing items, while Angadia couriers also carry rupees crore by market daily.

Based on the police officers, investigations started after getting information that someone named Rajesh could come to Zaveri Bazaar with some armed accomplices.

“Our data indicated that the defendants had already visited Zaveri Market earlier to survey the jewelry stores they intended to rob. We worked further on knowledge and after several days of tireless efforts, we were in a position to confirm That the accused can gather outside the S Okay Patil backyard of the Marine Strains railway station before continuing to Zaveri Bazaar. Accordingly, we have decided to set up a lure on the spot on Thursday night,” Chief Police Inspector Jyoti Desai, LT Marg Police Station stated. Backyard and lay down looking ahead to the accused. At about 9.10 pm, one of the suspects arrived at the entrance to the backyard and stood alone, as if ready for someone. Shortly thereafter, two more men arrived at the place and met him. Their gross body language indicated that they were ready for someone else, and the police decided to maneuver. trio. The second time the police did this, two different men, who were standing apart, immediately turned around and fled, the officers said.

The trio known as Rajesh Rai (34), Sonu Chaudhary 23) and Sanjay Dutta (33), police recovered a country-made iron pistol and two silver-tone fiber-and-metal pistols. They have been placed under arrest and charged with preparing to commit a crime under the Indian Penal Code, along with the relevant sections of the Weapons Act.

“We found out that the accused has a number of crimes such as theft, theft and deception registered towards them in Mumbai as well as Delhi. In addition, inquiries established that they recognized and surveyed 4 to 5 jewelry stores in Zaveri Bazaar, which they deliberately I stole it at gunpoint. They were ready for four additional accomplices after they got caught,” Desai stated. A well-thought-out plan, and efforts are underway to tip and apprehend the fleeing suspect, the officers said.

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