Autan fishing group urges government to declare 'wet famine'

After faithfully adhering to the usual 60-day conservation period (annual fishing ban), the fishermen began venturing into the Arabian Sea for the brand new fishing season that started on August 1. However, due to the torrential rains combined with the uneven climate and stormy waves, which are averse to lapping, good net fishing throughout this high season has dashed hopes for the fishing group not only within the coastal areas of Utan near Bhayander, but your entire Konkan belt.

In view of the heavy losses as a result of the harsh sea and unpredictable weather conditions, the Utan fishing group urged the state authorities to declare a “wet famine” and grant a deal reduction package as part of the financial assistance to rescue the affected fishermen.

Attractive fishing villages with Utan, Bali, Dongri, Bhat Bandar and Chowk are home to more than 750 fishing boats within the area. While many fishermen needed to abort their operations before they were halfway mature and overcome the rapid retreat to the shores empty-handed, two of them, defiant of the climate, were unable to anchor their nets because the boats remained unstable. As a result of uneven water.

“The fishermen have suffered losses as a large part of the important commodities, diesel and various materials that they made on a number of trips that were wasted, also in the midst of the high hunting season,” stated the mayor of the municipality Sharmila Bajaji “Sharmila Bajaji” .as they do in the case of farmers. What is land for farmers, ocean is the only means of survival for fishermen,” said fishing group president Bernard DeMello.

Depending on the dimensions and capacity of the boat, 8 to 18 crew members with mulatto (assistant) and escort (captain) embark on a ship fishing expedition that lasts per vessel. A week to 10 days with bills averaging Rs. 1 lakh. A large fleet of fishing boats was moored at the original port.

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