Authorities are broadcasting more battery safety rules from October 1

The Department of Road Transportation and Highways (MoRTH) may implement additional security requirements within existing battery safety requirements. The alternative is available amid the latest wave of electric vehicle fires that have left the company and buyer security in a slump. A number of people have even lost their lives after a number of EV battery exploding cases in the past few months. Given the dangerous scenario, the federal government set up a skilled committee to analyze the matter. Based on the report of the skilled panel, MoRTH released Amendment 2 to the AIS 156 safety requirements for electric two-wheelers, quad bikes, and quad bikes. Additional security requirements will come into effect from October 1, 2022.

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The Skilled Committee has additional security requirements recommended within the current battery safety requirements

The appointed skilled committee includes Tata Narsingh Rao (Director, Agricultural Research Centre, Hyderabad), and Shri M. Ok. Jain (Scientist-G, CFEES, DRDO), Dr. Aarti Bhatt (Scientist-F, Additional Director, CFEES, DRDO), Dr. , IISc, Bangaluru), and Dr. M. Requirements listed below CMV Guidelines.

Modifications include additional security imperatives associated with battery cells, BMS, onboard charger, battery pack design, heat diffusion at the expense of the main circuit of the inner cell along with the stove and more. Full details about the required modifications to the degree of fabrication have not been provided.

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Along with the revised security requirements, the Department has additionally issued draft Notification GSR 659 (E) dated August 25, 2022, to amend Sub-Rule 4 of Rule 124 of Central Motor Vehicle Regulations (CMVR) 1989, mandated Manufacturing Conformity (COP) for traction batteries used in electric vehicles. The Federal Government has invited all stakeholders to provide their views and suggestions within the subsequent 30 days before new amendments are made.

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