BestDoc, a health tech company targeting patient-centric options, is expanding its presence in Maharashtra

Dr. LH Hiranandani and Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai, Jehangir Hospital and Umarji Mom & Youngster Care Hospital in Pune are among the BestDoc shoppers in Maharashtra

The company plans to develop total sales, advertising and marketing groups in this area to help healthcare suppliers On Enhancing Affected Persons Participation and Experience

Company Objectives to Determine Its Presence in Major JCI and NABH Accredited Hospitals in the Field

BestDoc is funded by Accel and Arkam Ventures

India: BestDoc, a company that specializes in providing affected person experience and engagement options to healthcare suppliers in India, plans to develop its presence across Maharashtra. With the aim of developing its presence within the country, the company aims to develop its total sales, advertising and marketing groups to deepen its presence within the region.

With good communication and very expert medical staff, Maharashtra has established itself as a prime holiday location for medical tourism. Maharashtra is positioning itself as a leader in healthcare companies open to all, guiding those with hope in the direction of higher scientific outcomes. The state has plenty of JCI hospitals and health care providers that are NABH accredited.

Sufferers come forward to claim digital experiences, and suppliers are using new ways to engage with affected people throughout the care journey due to emerging digital expertise. This is where BestDoc sees a major alternative to develop its regional presence. Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Nashik and Nagpur are among the many cities that are better focused on healthcare suppliers the company intends to focus on.

BestDoc Concierge, the company's flagship product, is on the market in English, Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati, making it easier for patients to place orders and managers to improve their operations in their native language. Furthermore, the company needs to take advantage of its NABH-friendly options to help both accredited hospitals and people seeking accreditation with their compliance requirements. All through the affected person's journey, all the way to discharge from the hospital. More than 4 million meanings have benefited from the company's experience in dealing with affected people and options for participation. By fiscal year 23, the company targets to positively impact 12 million infected people across India. More than 50 NABH-accredited hospitals across the country use BestDoc's options to view and improve the experience of affected people. Hospitals. The challenges were twofold:

65% of affected people's complaints are non-clinical in nature

In most current options, the primary goal is entirely to provide medical services to clinicians and healthcare administrators, ignoring completely sick. Those who targeted patients failed to know that the affected person's journey extends beyond departments of healthcare facilities

There was a direct need for an answer that would please and engage patients at any level. Care, along with primary care, point of care and aftercare. This is where the founders noticed an opportunity to enhance expertise with expertise.

BestDoc helps expand the expertise capabilities of affected people in the hospital information system and may also work in a non-integrated vogue for these options may be implemented soon.

Maharashtra is a strategic market for BestDoc as it places excessive value on improving healthcare facilities. We signed our contract with our first consumer in this field in 2019. Our company has worked with well-established healthcare suppliers and is in talks with the largest manufacturers to stabilize our community. Maharashtra hospitals recognize the value of expertise and the impact of adopting digital options. As we develop our presence in the region, I sit down to serve up healthcare suppliers to utilize the expertise facility to enhance care for affected people.


BestDoc's modular affected people experience and sharing options enable seamless interactions between patients, clinicians and hospital staff. The company's OP and IP expertise options are efficiently used in Medical facilities of all sizes, providing patients and healthcare providers with a truly digital experience.

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