Bihar conference: Maharashtra has avenged, says Kong in Bihar

The Bihar Congress feels that the fall of the BJP into the state was merely a punishment for its attempt to expel the outdated social grouping from national politics and “engineering schisms” in Maharashtra.

Bihar congress official Bhakta Charan Das sarcastically on Wednesday said “BJP-mukt Bihar” is the new message being sent to the people.

In a televised chat on Wednesday, Dass stated that Congress has always been a strong pillar – when it came here for the nation's progress and the nation's freedom and recognition.

“The Saffron Social Gathering needs to eliminate all small events. Only one social grouping in India (BJP), one color… and one religion,” Das claimed.

It was asked whether the new speaker of Bihar authorities 'Mahagathbandhan' could be from Congress, which has 19 MLAs in meeting, Das stated that “no matter what happens, it will happen to Latif.”

“Yesterday I mentioned that the historical past was in the making… and that Certainly a historic achievement. He said Bihar had sent a letter from the BJP and Mukt Bihar.

Meanwhile, Congress Speaker and Representative Jaram Ramesh, in a tweet on Twitter, stated that Bihar was not “Operation Lotus”.

“No money caught. No ED raids. No Assam CM. No resort trip. All done in Bihar type theme, civilized and low cost. CM will get help of biggest social gathering and others. In Maharashtra, the BJP engineered the splits.In Bihar, the BJP was rejected and expelled.

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