Bihar police arrest fake police station in Banca, seven arrested so far

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August 23, 2022, 11:03


Banca (Bihar) [India], August 23 (ANI): Bihar police have arrested a gang for allegedly operating a false workplace belonging to the authorities inside a visitor's house near the city police station in Banca district.
On August 17, police arrested seven persons in connection with the matter with the gang mastermind, Paula Yadav and his partner Alka Devi for running a fake authority workplace in the home of Anurag visitors. Deceive people under the pretext of serving them benefit from the schemes of the presidency. In addition, they ran a fake workplace for the authorities, where an individual dressed as policemen and a guard was stored. Seven have been arrested so far,” stated Satya Prakash, Banca Police Superintendent.

The gang carried out It operates efficiently under the nostrils of the Banca Police and the management of Banca using police uniforms for inspectors and guards.Agent Kumar and Julie Kumari Manji.

β€œThe scammers were well positioned within the workplace. Anurag Visitor Home {that} a frequent citizen was simply mistaken for being employees of the authorities, but police officers busted this fake police station,” stated SP.
Police recovered country-made pistol Banka-issued electoral playing cards BDO, more than 500 types of PM Aawas Yojna software, 4 police uniforms, checkbooks for financial institutions, 5 mobile phones, the seal of the district chief Janata Dal (United), fake identification game
earlier, Police arrested 5 accused, but the mastermind of this gang Bhola and Alka has been arrested at present.Investigations revealed that Bhola arranged a workplace in the name of an escort police force in Patna, and deceived people.During the interrogation, Anita and Jolie stated that they paid Bhola a bribe. They were received by Bhola in a fake police station and the duo thought they had been recruited into police companies.”
The accused are currently being questioned by Banca Police. (Ani)

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