Bihar police on alert after explosions of illegal explosives

PATNA : Excessive depth explosions again and again in unlicensed fireworks manufacturing items stationed in densely populated areas of Bhagalpur and Gopalganj in a span of two weeks has alarmed Bihar police in particular A department to appeal is on statewide alert saying such fracturing materials may be exploited by anti-patriotic forces for heinous acts.

The confidential statement issued on Thursday to all district IGs, various DIGs and Railway Police says that there is potential threat of such illegal fireworks being misused by terror squads based in Pakistan, Who will search for original submission strings to do their business.

“Previous inputs indicated that Pakistan-based terrorist operatives are looking for indigenous people who provide the chain and networks to end acts of sabotage. The presence and investigation of sleeper cells in Bihar has manifested itself in various violent incidents and outbursts before now. , ie. sequential bomb blasts in Bodh Gaya and Gandhi Maidan in Patna throughout Prime Minister Narendra Modi's career”.

“Direct availability of explosive materials and personnel with experience in handling explosive materials are also exploited through fear parts to cause widespread damage and loss of life in Bihar. Therefore, the illegal illegal trade of toys Firearms can also be detrimental to the integrity of the state. It is critical that the illegal manufacturing, buying, and selling operations in all counties of the state as well as the individuals involved in such a crime and their community to which they provide it are identified,” the confidential communication.

It has additionally emphasized the need to check the rampant supply of chemicals/uncooked supplies used in the manufacture of chemicals. Enthusiasts to keep such illegal business under management and defeat the nefarious plan of the anti-patriotic parts.

The alert is significant, as the first explosion in Bhagalpur earlier this month collapsed three houses due to its excessive influence and caused 15 deaths and 10 injuries. The Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) was presented in the photo. Rabindra Shankaran, President of ATS, Additional Core Director (ADG) visited the site and conducted a detailed investigation. The depth of the explosion and the recovery of seven kilograms of iron nails raised doubts about whether the place was additionally used for making bombs, since crackers largely use low-depth explosives only for sound. After that, the alert was issued.

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