Bihar: Prashant Kishore looks to Nitish Kumar to create jobs in Bihar, says let 12 months go

Bhagalpur (Bihar) [India], Sep 8 (ANI): Researching Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on his comment on 'ABC' polling analyst Prashant Kishore on Thursday said Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is a giant leader and familiar with every single track of 'AZ'. ', and the next 12 months will tell who understands 'ABC' or 'XYZ'.

Addressing the press conference in Bhagalpur, Bihar, Kishore attacked JD(U) chief, saying that after serving in Bihar CM for 17 years, Kumar suddenly realized that 10 lakh jobs can be offered to youths for the state.

This came after Kumar referred to Kishore as a “knowing propagandist” and asked whether or not he (Prashant Kishore) was aware of what had been achieved in Bihar since 2005?

Nitish Kumar attacks in Prashant Kishore: “Does he know the working alphabet that has been achieved in Bihar since 2005”

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, on 7 September, taught weapons-of-strategy Prashant Kishore and questioned him if he knew of any work done in Bihar since 2005.

“After being CM for 17 years, Nitish Kumar realized that 10 lakh jobs could be given… why wait so long?” Why didn't he give it to her earlier? Give 10 job vacancies to young people, we will not run a marketing campaign. We will stand behind you and can give you the results you want. He is a gigantic leader who knows all the pieces of 'AZ' while the others know nothing… Let 12 months pass, then we will ask who knows 'ABC' and who knows 'XYZ', 'Kishor indicated.'

Further in response to Nitish Kumar's current trip to Delhi to announce the opposition's unity, Kishore stated that nothing new had been achieved. I don't think it will convey a drastic change in regards to the elections of 2024.

Bihar's attack on additional CM, polling strategist mentioned caucus members in Delhi, does not mean an increase in standing on a national scale.

“Political developments in Bihar are specific to the state only. I do not suppose that it will have an impact on national politics in any way. If one is a member of the congregation in Delhi, it does not mean that one’s standing is taking Rise nationwide. Even Mamata Banerjee and KCR have met many individuals in Delhi”, stated Kishore.

On August 15, in an Independence Day Address from Patna Gandhi Maidan, Kumar stated that the Rashtriya Alliance authorities Janata Dal and Janata Dal (United) aim to create at least 10 jobs within the authorities and an additional 10 lakh “employment alternatives” in many sectors.

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