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Bihar Training Board (BSEB) is going for Bihar Class 12th English Exam tomorrow, 4th February 2022. As the exam is scheduled for tomorrow, candidates who will participate in the exam can take a quick review from all the chapters we have talked about in the syllabus. . These matters are outlined by the Board in the Official Syllabus PDF.

Bihar University Class 12 English exam is given for 100 marks with two sections A and B. The core part goes into 70 MCQ based questions, of which 35 are mandatory. While Part B contains 20 short questions based on answers with only 10 mandatory questions.

Bihar Board Class 12 English – Names of the chapter writer

Candidates may have a look at the classes they are notified of under the 12th English subject below:

Indian Civilization and Traditions

Bharat is my dwelling place

Determine the chapter

Identification of the Content Creator
M Hassan Gandhi
Zakir Hussain
A little snuff

Manohar Mel Jaunkar

Martin Luther King Jr.

Concepts of Humanity

Bertrand Russell

Jermaine Greer

H.E. Bates

Anton Chekhov

Sweetest Love I Don't Go

The fallen leaves are not the previous ones

Walter de la Marie

Robert Brooke

TS Elliot

Hearth Hymn

My grandmother's house


a snake

DH Lawrence

Candidates can Consult with the office above and try to review the chapters twice before heading to the test lane. A quick last minute review will eliminate any possibilities of forgetting important matters and appropriate solutions before the scan. According to the information, nothing in the test will be asked of anything other than what is talked about in the BSEB English 12th Syllabus. In keeping with the schedule, the English language test is held from 9 am to 12:45 pm.

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