BJP fears sympathy for Udavv chief Sena may influence upcoming elections | Mumbai information

Although the Bharatiya Janata (BJP) event may be back on energy after allying with the Eknath Shinde faction, it is now wary of the 'weaker' Shiv Sena gaining public sympathy that could swing the vote in the original fitness election .

An internal assessment of the scenario has highlighted the possibility of Uddhav Thackeray's Sena getting people's help against the backdrop of the recent split and subsequent defeat by the BJP, the “highly effective” BJP leaders. Mention of the state's unity to celebrate. They acknowledged that Indian citizens tended to swing in favor of the underdogs, weaker candidates or juveniles.

“When a huge car hits a smaller car, sympathy always goes to the latter no matter who really did the most damage. We are afraid that the Cena portrayed as a regional celebration crushed him The highly effective BJP may get similar sympathy. Indian voters are emotional and it shows in the elections,” stated the BJP chairman who requested anonymity.

To reduce the impression and to ensure that this sympathy does not recast voices, the celebration began with outreach programs while the Shinde-led authorities were directed to take people-centered measures.

Options to rename Aurangabad and Osmanabad as Sambhaji Nagar and Dharashiv, identify the next Navi Mumbai airport after the late local leader D. B. Patil, and double compensation to farmers for crop losses are a number of steps to this effect. The state treasury has also earmarked funds for a number of infrastructure tasks in Mumbai, Marathwada and Konkan, where Sena is strong.

“The current scenario was foreseeable and we all know how to manage the damage. We will be sure that the sympathy will not last any longer, and will not be positively reflected in the elections,” the BJP chief said.

Another president mentioned making Shinde prime minister, BJP tried to blame.” “We are looking at a whopping 18% share of Sena’s vote and it could be simpler by raising Shinde to the highest casting percentage. As Shinde heads the federal government, the BJP aims to reduce the depth of direct blame for the overthrow of the Maharashtra regime Vikas Agadi. In addition, Shinde's declaration of being the unique 'Sina' of Bal Thackeray and Anand Dighe is a plus.”

He also mentioned that the federal government's choices on Mumbai's metro effects will help the BJP In the ballot of Brihanmumbai Municipal Company.The President added that while the rapid restoration of the OBC stake after the formation of the federal government helped the fellow coalition members, steps could be taken to revive the quota of the Maratha that the Supreme Committee had abolished for two years in the past.

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