BMC to conduct a sero survey of more than 3000 samples until October 6

Brihanmumbai Municipal Company (BMC) on Thursday, 15th September, launched a serological survey to check for antibodies to fight COVID-19 among healthcare workers (HCW) and frontline staff (FCW).

More than 3,000 samples may be collected from 93 sites housing hospitals, Medicare officials, the strong waste department and the best employees across the city through October 6. Threatened pigs were contaminated and re-infected in the course of the pandemic as a result of reduced antibody ranges. Occurs regardless of doses with the stimulant. It can also help us learn the importance of the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, an official acknowledged. It was adopted by the stable waste management staff (768 samples), the best staff (768) and the medical health staff (720). In February, the past 12 months proved that 99.93 per cent of healthcare and frontline staff in Mumbai had overactive antibodies. , which confirmed that Omicron was the dominant variant.

out of 288 swab samples Taken between June 12 and September 1 for genome sequencing, 106 samples (37 percent) had a 2.75 BA variant, 96 (33 percent) had a BA.2.75.1 variant and 60 (21 percent) were detected with BA. Variant 2.75.2.

Apart from this, six samples each with BA 5.2 and BJ.1 variants, 4 samples from BA 2.76 variant, three samples from BA 2 variant, two from BA.1 variant and one for each of the variants BA.2.10.4, BA.2.74, BA.5.1, BE.1 and BE.3.

The additional report stated that while two of the 288 patients did not take a single dose of the vaccine, 84 (29 percent) took only one hit and 202 (70 percent) took each dose.


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