Candidate Asansol LS Shotgun Sinha is pleased to hook up with Bengal

Trinamool House Speaker Mamata Banerjee’s tweet confirming the nomination of former Union Minister Shatrughan Sinha from the Asansol Lok Sabha by-election yesterday came as a shock to many. The famous actor says he was also equally “shocked” at the announcement and “grateful” to Mamata Banerjee for the opportunity. You reacted to the information in the same way as you probably did. I didn't understand it was coming. Yashwant Sinha ji was additionally trying to work on me and later scolded me for not picking up my phone. It was a gesture so sweet and half sweet that she herself tweeted the information, as an alternative to the social gathering that appeared with her. I felt very proud and answered her tweet the last evening. Speaking on the phone from New Delhi, “Mamata is a true mass leader and now a pan-Indian designer. We see India's political future through it. I am honored by her love and special treatment in my direction. I know she cares about me. “

Bollywood actor-turned-politician stated, again long ago, he was approached by individuals to induct them into Trinamool Congress, but he did not take the offer critically. Asansol and with BJP. I didn't need the confrontation available with him because he's also an artist fraternity.

Antarjali Jatra representative stated, “Yashshwant Sinha ji pointed out that I had several days back and advised me to take the show as this could be a good alternative. He advised me that an individual like me cannot sit outdoors and should be in Parliament to raise my voice on necessary points.” Asansol has nearly 52 per cent of non-Bengali voters and the city has a strong connection to Bihar. Probably fruitful. People know me in India In the name of Bihari Babu and my character across India will help me get the help and blessings of the voters this time.” The actor is a recognized Bengal bhakt. He loves Bengali traditions and meals. “My weakness is the Bengali meals and the language.” However, he has folded memories of his photo session with Goutam Ghosh for Antarjali Jatra.

“It is among the many films I have done in Bengali. I am very connected to Bengal. Ask him about the religion of individuals within the BJP because the poll resulted in the confirmation of 4 states, former MP of Saffron Social Gathering stated Is the religion of individuals or the selective use of EVM debatable. Many imagine that this is the selective use of EVMs. Let's not talk about it. We will pay attention to Asansol and the Bengal tiger.

After the results came out in polls in Uttar Pradesh, Mamata also referred to the forensic examination of EVMs. As of now, the actor, who has made great hits like Nassib, Kala Patar and Kranti on the The silver screen, getting the lights back on and making a fuss.

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