Car, BJP cars, smashed Hindu Monani staff in Coimbatore

Chennai: Coimbatore Rural Police has recorded three circumstances of unidentified individuals throwing grenades at the residence of a BJP employee and destroying the windshields of two rickshaws belonging to a Hindu Monani chief in Pulachi near Coimbatore.

Incidents of violence are seen as a result of the arrest of the senior leaders of the Familiar India Gateway (PFI) in an early morning raid at several locations across the nation on Thursday. Coimbatore is tense after the arrest of a nationwide member of the government of the PFI, A.M. Ismail from his residence. BJP employee Sivakumar in Pulachi and tried to set the car on fire. However, upon hearing the sounds, Sivakumar and his family members rushed to get out which caused the intruders to flee after damaging the car windshield.

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In another incident, the glass of the robotic rickshaws belonging to Hindu leader Munani Saravanakumar was broken. The intruders fled the scene after damaging the cars that were parked outside his residence. His residence was destroyed.

It is worth mentioning that there are heavy police guards in all the bastions of the modern entrance to India in anticipation of the possibilities of violence and destruction of property belonging to the BJP government employees and various Hindu costumes.

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