Carry, escalator to be placed at Mambalam railway station

Mambalam Railway Station is among the busiest railway stations within the city and there is a demand from residents for simple and faster entry to all platforms.

Murali Sundaram, a resident of West Mambalam, stated that the supply of double unloading platform helped the office goers. However, passengers wanting to get to Platforms 3 and 4 to ride the long-distance trains will have to fight because they have to take the Heavenly Pass which is only accessible on the south side of the railway station.

Residents need the Southern Rail to provide an overpass on the north side so that passengers, and the elderly, do not need to hike a long distance to reach the platforms on the other side.

A senior Southern Railways official has stated that the Mambalam station, as part of the modernization of passenger facilities, has been fitted with a double dump platform on the Mambalam West frontage. While the escalator has been operated on the skywalk on the front of Ranganathan Avenue, it is proposed to construct an elevator at platform 1A near the ticketing work place and another on the skywalk to connect platform number 1 and a pair of.

Officers stated that it would not be possible to construct an overpass on the north side or operate battery-powered vehicles on Pier 3 and 4 due to the area's restrictions.

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