Chandigarh RI courthouse awards 20 years to youth who raped an impregnated teenage girl

Nearly three years after a 21-year-old man was arrested for raping, kidnapping and carrying a 17-year-old woman, a speedy court on Friday sentenced him to a 20-year maximum prison sentence.

Hasan Raja, a native of Bhattabari Village, Kishangang District, Bihar, discovered that he is liable under Part 6 (Serious Penetrating Sexual Assault) of the Juvenile Safety from Sexual Offenses Act, Sections 363 (Kidnapping) and 366 ( Kidnapping, kidnapping or inducing a woman into marriage) of the Indian Penal Code. 30,000 on the convict, who worked as a chef in Chandigarh before his arrest in the case.

In line with the case information, the crime dates back to December 2019. The minor mother of the woman, who lives in rented accommodation in Chandigarh, has approached Sector 31 Police Station after her daughter did not return the dorm from the teaching staff On December 14, 2019. Later, it was discovered that in no way did she attend the faculty on that day. Woman leaves ready with Hassan Raja. Further investigation revealed that Raja booked two tickets to Hyderabad and used another female identification for the woman's ticket.

Appeared quickly, the police rescued the woman from Jhansi railway station and arrested the accused on December 18, 2019.

The medical examination revealed that the woman had been raped and some weeks pregnant. The pregnancy was subsequently terminated. Such kind of sexual assault is not against a person, but is a serious crime towards the whole of society. Deterring crime in the face of punishment method, there is no need for justice to be tampered with with mercy in such cases,” the courtroom stated, while the convict was sentenced to 20 years in prison. [

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