Chennai climate bloggers greet humid Diwali as rains offer signs of abating

A differently humid Diwali is the spotlight for climate bloggers in Chennai and Tamil Nadu this morning (Thursday) because the area of ​​low pressure led by rain prolonged its stay over the southeast Arabian Sea and the area adjacent to Kashadweep in one day.

@jhrishi2 at @keaweather has put the topic in perspective tweeting a few wet starting today as a beneficial basin runs along the coast of Tamil Nadu. Expect 'streaks of falling rain' to decrease within several hours.

“Big Day for Tamil Nadu”

However, the tweet remembered how the previous day had turned into a 'one more huge' day for Tamil Nadu because the Arabian Sea 'low' continued to hit many areas . See after heavy rain by humid Deepavali day path. There may be intermittent rains in Chennai and its suburbs throughout the morning hours.

Another huge day for

#Tamilnadu as the LPA continues to hit many areas.

Expires 8:30 AM (mm):

MALLER – 167 Atirampatinam – 165
Bhuvanagiri – 140
Nagapattinam – 128 Tozhudur – 122 Perungalur – 114

Karikal-112 Decrease Anaicut – 107

Iraeure – 104 # NEM2021

– Hrishi Jawahar (@jhrishi2) November 3, 2021 )

“Low” on track to highlight

Meanwhile, Miti India's Department of Oncology (IMD) rescued a 'low' view over the southeastern Arabian Sea and adjacent Lakshadweep, for maneuvering north-northwest and found to be further marked over the next two days.

A small basin extends from Comorin to the west-central Bay of Bengal off the coast of southern Andhra Pradesh throughout the Gulf of Mannar and the coast of Tamil Nadu, and another basin within the Eastern Falls extending from Lakshadweep to the east-central Arabian Sea off the coast of Karnataka, Make a set of useful options for the atmosphere.

Diwali Forecast: North

Precipitation forecast

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