Chennai, elements of Tamil Nadu to see rain for the next few days

IDA also predicted that the majority of the state will experience a weak climate because the southwest monsoon has become weak within the state.

The components of Tamil Nadu are rains are expected for the next few days, Indian Meteorological Division (IMD) reported on Wednesday, September 21st, the company forecast moderate to Reasonable in some elements of Tamil Nadu, along with coastal areas and areas adjacent to the Western Ghats until 23 September.

The state capital Chennai is prone to thunderstorms and lighting within the next few days, and there may be a chance of sunlight to a reasonable amount of rain over the city. The city will see most temperatures around 36-37°C and minimum temperatures around 27°C. IMD stated that the weather stations at Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam recorded most levels of around 34°C. Climate department officers stated that differences in the frequency of the westerly winds resulted in distant rains in some parts of the state. The southwest monsoon is becoming weak within the state. He stated that there is no particular system that may lead to widespread rainfall within the state. Wind movement, based on IMD, was directed in the direction of the low pressure area adjacent to the coasts of Odisha-West Bengal and over the northwest Bay of Bengal. This, according to climate department officers, resulted in a weak monsoon in Tamil Nadu over the course of the week. Kannniyakumari and Karaikal.

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