Chennai: Excessive Kalikupam College lacks basic facilities, 11 school rooms and 4 bathrooms for 1,000 university students | TOI UNIQUE

September 22, 2022, 02:03 PM IST Show:

Poor infrastructure and lack of amenities at the hyperactive Kalikopam College in Ampatore in Chennai have left scholars' education under the shade of timbers and the warmth of the scorching sun. There are only 11 school rooms and 4 unsanitary swamps for a thousand college students in the faculty that comes below the larger Chennai corporation. Scholars must arrive at the college alternately to keep away from any battle over the area, for example, the sixth, eighth, and tenth courses arrive in the morning and the seventh and ninth courses in the afternoon. They have to face long queues so they can use the bathroom facilities. The headmistress of the school claimed that a lot of IT companies and various non-public organizations were willing to spend up to 50 thousand on renovations, but the authorities were sticking with the information. Inside the crumbling state of college is where young people bear the brunt of it all.

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