Chennai will get a new restaurant 24*7 for late evening stroll

Chennai is believed for its rich historical past, vibrant traditions, and delicious meals. The palate of varied meals in Chennai offers a lot to the foodies in the market. A nice tip for food lovers in Chennai. Junior Kuppanna launched his 24 hour restaurant in Chennai. As a result of not having time for hunger pangs, they will strike at any time. And cravings in the middle of the night are mild, but eateries and restaurants usually close after ten, so here's the answer. Junior Kuppanna opened a 24 hour restaurant with drive through car options in Chennai. Although they have been serving Kongu area delicacies since 1983, they have now also launched a 24 hour service.

24 Hours Service at Junior Kuppanna

Basically every restaurant closes after 12. However, the midnight snacking craze when Children is the lobby. The 24 hour service at Junior Kuppanna is a lifesaver. Junior Cubana in City Square. She has established a retail home under the Kathipara Flyover in Alandur. Owner Ok Murthy and his wife Vidya Murthy handle this place. While Ok Murthy looks like customers, his wife Vidya Murthy runs the kitchen. Supervising the group during the switching of playing cards and meals.

The restaurant is often busy. “When Woodland was in business, the people of Chennai were used to the idea of ​​driving by car and now they seem to be thrilled with the idea again. High visitors, happy families consuming with their young children. This 24-hour restaurant highlights its location. It is It is located in the heart of Chennai and can be reached within half an hour from each location.Parandur Airport

What's on the midnight menu?

Junior Kubana's Midnight Menu has Kubana Biryani, Special Siraja Samba Biryani, etc. Correctly, they recently launched Midnight Kuska with Egg Curry.The dish is white in color and has little spice and ghee flavors and flavors of ginger, garlic and cloves.

Open 3 shifts, the restaurant serves breakfast menu from 8am to 11am, lunch menu from 11am to 4pm, night menu from 4pm to 7pm, and a night menu.The midnight menu offers 5 completely different menus.

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