CIDCO conducts demolition campaign in Ghansoli, Ulwe and NAINA area

Navi Mumbai: CIDCO Conducts Demolition Campaign in Ghansoli, Ulwe and NAINA Space (Advisory Image) | PTI

Metropolis and Industrial Improvement Company (CIDCO) demolished unauthorized buildings constructed without improvement permission in Vichumbe, Usarli, Kolkhe and Palidevad at Navi Mumbai Airport Affect Space (NAINA) in CIDCO this week. The demolition campaign took place on 24, 25, 26 and 28 September. [ A similar demolition campaign was held in Sector 21 of Gansuli and Sector 2, 3 and 5 of Uluyi on September 26. [ In the course of the demolition campaign within the NAINA space, unauthorized buildings such as non-permanent restaurants, vegetable outlets, nurseries, scrap outlets, kiosks, etc. were demolished in Vichumbe, Usarlu and Kolkhe.

In addition, unauthorized constructions such as non-permanent mutton and chicken outlets, flower and wreath stands, vegetable cart, etc. Constructed in Mauje Palidevad on Panvel-Matheran Street has been demolished.

In the course of the demolition campaign in Navi Mumbai, the unauthorized development of puka bricks and cement erected over the plot reserved for CIDCO for a 12.5% ​​scheme in Block 21 in Gansoli was demolished.

In addition, the non-permanent and unauthorized stalls for poultry, warehousing, scrap stores etc. built in Blocks 2, 3 and 5 in Uluyi have been demolished.

These buildings were constructed against the prevailing rules and coverage of CIDCO and without any permission from the company.

A full set of 10 workers 1 JCB and a pair of jeeps were employed during a demolition drive within the NAINA space.

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