Civilian physique Navi Mumbai prepares for Ganesh visarjan, to create artificial ponds

Ahead of my day-and-a-half immersion, Navi Mumbai Municipal Company (NMMC) has established 134 artificial ponds. Civil Affairs Chief Abhijit Bangar searched a number of websites to check up on the association.

Bangar directed municipal officials and devotees to maintain devotees by performing a physical examination of the pure and artificial immersion sites.

In addition to 22 pure pools where lovers can immerse idols. And to regulate pressure on pure basins. Even mock ponds are used to submerge idols made of Plaster of Paris (PoP).

As giant gatherings enhance the odds of spreading COVID-19, fitness has created many artificial ponds.

In 2020, 135 fully artificial ponds were established, while in 2021, 155 fully artificial ponds were established, thus gaining an impressive response.

Meanwhile, the physique had sparked a fascination for joy in the eco-friendly Janeshutsav and in this regard, he was asked to put on eco-friendly Shadow idols as well as immerse the idols in artificial lakes to prevent air pollution from the pure reservoirs.

For this purpose, 134 artificial inundation basins have been constructed in eight sub-working areas from Bilapur to Digha and a few of them have been examined by the Commissioner.

Bangar has also been directed to ensure that wet nirmalya such as wreaths and flowers and dry nirmalya such as kanthi, tiaras, artificial garlands and ornamental supplies are placed in separate nirmalya kalash stored on the immersion website. He gave clear directions to be very careful that Nirmalia should not be dumped in the tank under any circumstances. It was directed in coordination with the police. In addition, the civilian body made ample electrical equipment.

The Commissioner additionally directed that special consideration be given to ensuring that the CCTV system would continue to operate frequently on the layoff website.

Volunteers were assigned in any respect to the immersion sites and with them safety guards, firefighters and welfare routes were also directed to work strictly under the direction of the respective department officers by maintaining mutual coordination.

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