CM can sack me, I can't step aside until the occasion asks me: Bihar Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh

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View photos: PTI Assurances obtained from Bihar Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh is here a day after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar told reporters on Wednesday that he had tried to investigate Sudhakar over his grievances.

The Minister of Agriculture in the State of Bihar Sudhakar Singh on Thursday that Prime Minister Nitish Kumar may “sack” him for his perceived defiance, but he will not step down until he is asked to take action by the top management of his occasion, RJD. Singh, who was sworn in and gave the bag of important things barely a month in the past, stated that he was able to explain the problems faced by the agriculture department to the chief minister and denied that he was out of the treasury as alleged by Kumar.

“If the Prime Minister needs to please me and speak on the points I have raised, I will certainly meet with him. However, I did not I get no communication from the prime minister's workplace regarding the council so far,” he told PTI. “I stand by what I have said. I have raised the difficulty of rampant corruption in my department and yet I continue to do so. I am not modifying my assertion…People have chosen me and I will continue to fight for them. Singh stated that it is as much to assess whether my remarks are right or wrong as to the prime minister.

Being head of the treasury, it is Kumar's right to dismiss him or ask him to resign from the cabinet.” However, I will choose before My Event Principal Department (RJD). He affirmed that the final decision regarding the fate of the Ministerial Mursi will be taken by the Chairman of my occasion, Lalu Prasad Yadav, and Deputy Prime Minister Tegashoy Yadav. Singh's assurances came here a day after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar told reporters on Wednesday that he had tried to investigate him (Sudakar) over his complaints. “As an alternative to respond, he left,” Kumar said when asked about the agriculture minister’s stories that he created a scene on the Treasury on Tuesday.

“The problem was not mentioned in any way even after the cabinet was assembled. In fact, the problems you raised should not only relate to my department. These matters will be settled by the Chief Minister only as he is the head of the governing body of Bihar Vikas Mission (BVM)”, stated Singh. The BVM is formed to ensure the implementation of welfare plans of the state authorities in mission setting, prioritization, monitoring of achievements towards program objectives and various decisions of its resolutions The seven that decide Bihar development throughout the schemes of Excellent Governance, Agriculture Street map, Mission Manav Vikas, Infrastructure Improvement and Industrial Incentives. “When Bihar deals with drought-like scenario, information collected by my department and rainfall stories gives a contradictory picture. In many areas the paddy fields are dry and have developed large fissures, however the department has come up with identification revealing that rice seedlings have been planted in 86 plots of fully concentrated land. The picture is very unrealistic. Singh said this is the difficulty I raised.”

Kumar is concerned about a drought-like scenario within the state and is visiting areas The affected people are almost day by day but the authorities’ officers seem to be “less bothered” about it.Singh including the Prime Minister has stated that he should take the lead in this cycle: “My people cannot establish legal guidelines regarding wholesale markets for agricultural goods without consent Various departments.”

“The points I have raised contain a number of departments, besides the disaster management, the economics and statistics directorate, and the metrology department. Only the prime minister can clarify these points through Calling for a joint assembly of all concerned departments. I simply cannot explain the matter on my own.” Sudhakar Singh, whose father Jagadanand Singh was the head of the AKP in the state, spoke about the rampant corruption at a public meeting in Kaymur district a few days ago. In remarks to the public gathering, he said, “There may not be a single wing of our (agricultural) department that does not commit acts of robbery. The federal government has been adjusted, but the kind of business has remained the same. Every little thing is identical to before.”

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