Correct way to check stability of FASTag?

FASTag was launched by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) within the year 2014 for hassle free cost savings. FASTag is a form of RFID-enabled card that allows drivers to pay their taxes electronically at toll booths.

One can take advantage of the FASTag feature from the level of sale (point of sale) in public squares or any distribution intermediaries. Individuals can even get FASTag from National Banks (NECT) PoS Stores like Government Financial Corporation of India , HDFC Financial Corporation, ICICI Financial Institute. To cut through the physical effort to obtain the FASTag, one can head to the website .

Find FASTag stability in a few straight steps:


SBI FASTag portal

SBI FASTag Portal

for those who want to search For their online settlement, go to the website of the issuer, financial institution, or cellular pocket supplier. For example, if the FASTag resource is an SBI financial institution, one must head to SBI's FASTag portal. Proceed to sign in with the associated cellular quantity and password to view stability.

MyFASTag App


FASTag stability can also be seen with just one tap. Head to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and get the “MyFASTag app” in your cellular device. As a next step, enter the login credentials and see what stability can be obtained.


When opening a FASTag account and hyperlinks to cellular quantity, it has been enabled for SMS updates in every Once FASTag is discounted. Information such as account stability, funds paid, recharge confirmations, and notifications about low stability may be updated by SMS.

Buyer Care Line

If someone chooses to pay as per the FASTag plan and you register the cellular quantity with pay-as-you-go In NHAI pockets, he can tell stability by missing name for free lot: 1300 or +91-8884333331. Buyer Care FASTag quantity is available in the market 24 x 7.

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