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SHENZHEN, CHINA , September. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Creality Sonic Pad, the existing reasonable core pill that perfectly integrates the Klipper firmware that enables the 3D printing cycle of ), at this time starting at 10 PM (GMT +8) on Creality Official Retailer, Comgrow Affiliate Retailer, and Amazon. The launch event may be streamed live via Creality YouTube and Fb accounts.

Hear you, 3D printing enthusiasts

Klipper has always been a firmware that can only be used by a small group of fans Hard-core 3D printers for complex setup cycle and limited compatibility with off-the-shelf 3D printers. There are many accessible icons and tools to make the method easier due to the 3D printing suite, but there has never been such a tool to withstand the seamless clipper setup experience and the full range of “plug and play” clipper options. As a user-focused company dedicated to bringing the convenience of 3D printing to a wider audience, Creality has joined the skilled group and developed this highly effective tool called “Sonic Pad”, for its functionality to provide incredible printing speed.

Powered by 64-bit CPU and motherboard, the Creality Sonic Pad is a 7-inch color display that unlocks powerful computing functions and brings customers high print speed, high speed and quality. Compared to various Klipper related goods and gadgets, Creality Sonic Pad can connect to almost any existing FDM printer via USB cable.

It's not just a high-performance clipper “carrying” pad and motherboard, but one answer for all 3D printing enthusiasts to make perfect use of clipper's highly effective options without being hampered by setup. Pre-configured for Ender-3 V2, Ender-3 S1 and Ender-3 S1 Professional for a clean and fast connection. For various Creality 3D and non-realistic printers, an in-depth configuration brochure for live setup is included.

The Creality Sonic Pad has 4 USB ports, which means that customers may be able to join up to 4 models after unpacking the OTA patch associated with Creality. It also consists of an RJ45 Ethernet port and a single WiFi module that enables remote management of printers. With one affordable device, customers can flip their existing 3D printers into integrated work units with Klipper at no additional cost.

Creality Sonic Pad is among the shining examples of how Creality meets the diverse needs of 3D printing fans. Creality will constantly develop and improve Sonic Pad to direct the style of commerce and convey the enjoyment of 3D printing to customers around the world.

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Where can you buy it?

Official Creality Retailer: Basic Sonic Pad Batch can be accessed at $159 inside The United States, while customers within European international sites can access it will be able to purchase at the end of September. The second installment can be accessed in giant portions on October 10 .

Official Creality Retailer:

Comgrow Affiliate Reseller and Amazon: A restricted variety of Sonic Pad can be accessed at Affiliate Reseller and Amazon of Comgrow, a distributor of Creality. Customers within the US, UK Australia , Germany , Spain , France , Italy , the Netherlands , and Sweden can order from Comgrow stores.

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Creality Sonic Pad can be accessed at this time at a value of $159

For more information, please catch up on the 10 o'clock live stream Evening (GMT + 8), September 15 :

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