'Criminals have no fear in Bihar, people are in panic.., Giriraj Singh attacks Nitish government'

PATNA: After the Begusaray shooting incident, the state's grand coalition authorities became less than the target of the opponents. Giriraj Singh is an MP from Begusarai, the place where the shooting took place. In addition, he constantly attacks the Nishiah authorities. Meanwhile, the leaders of the AKP and the Jewish Democratic University have described BJP member Giriraj Singh as the frontrunner who makes the hateful remarks. Now Giriraj Singh has investigated CM Nitish Kumar while answering these questions. Every inquiry must be answered. Bihar authorities will be chilled by our words. Where did the mango come from the acacia tree? On the day CM Nitish Kumar took the oath, a car showroom in Patna was looted and several individuals were killed. A series of murders continued. From under the Prime Minister's nostrils, former RJD ministers head to the Pirbahor Police Station to rescue the criminals. There was also a Raj forest in Bihar earlier. So he calls Jungle Raj the base of the people. I don't understand what the BJP was like in the Birbahore incident. The morale of the criminals has risen so much that they wander about fearlessly and the frequent people dwell in a state of panic. Most of the people are in panic and the crime incidents have increased in Muzaffarpur additionally. '

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