Dastaan-E-Kabul: Oh no! 40 Khor half-necklace delivery to Sesame

MUMBAI : SAB TV came out with a great gift from Peninsula Photos, Alibaba – Dastaan-E-Kabul. Additionally, Tunisian actress Sharma stars as Princess Maryam and Shezan Im Khan as Ali Baba. Present was so impressed with Alibaba's favorite story and the Forty Thieves and it made a lot of noise even before it was released.

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In the previous episode, it appears that Ali was on a sandstorm. He shouts and warns those approaching 40 cors. Everyone starts working. Amidst this chaos, Maryam escapes from Khurram. While escaping, Mary was able to obtain the necklace from her caretaker who had previously stolen it. Since Ali and Maryam are available close by, they want the forty turns to come together and it just magically happens.

In the next episode, Maryam carries a cloak similar to Fatima and Ali is not allowed to go. People from the Juma market asking for help from Saddam. The 40th ball discovers the necklace and delivers it to Sesame in the place where she realizes that half of the necklace does not exist. Meanwhile, Bayzad sends a message to Saddam to come back and see Shehzadi. Saddam has a concept, Sesame has other plans

How will the 40 Chorus be defeated?

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