Duggar police arrest 4 for pulling out Jal Nal Yoga tube


DOGAR, SEPTEMBER 21: Police arrested 4 individuals for allegedly uprooting custom tube Jal Nal Yojana from Dhapva village below Devipur Police Station. According to SDPO Pawan kumar, Devipur Police received the 2nd am round data related to the uprooting of DIP pipes from the yard. In the middle of the night as directed by the higher authority.

Upon interrogation, the identities of the accused were revealed as Sikandar Ansari, a resident of Bihar and Barshu Ram Yadav, a resident of Bulgadia under Balqadia Police Station in Dhanbad.

According to SDPO Pawan Kumar, truck owner Vinod Yadav of Dhanbad has also been detained.

Those arrested have been identified as Saddam Ansari, Manoj Kumar Sau, Gaurav Dubey the three descent from Dhanbad and Vinod Yadav, a resident of the Sharan district of Bihar.

SDPO Pawan kumar also admitted that such a crime had been committed earlier as well. He stated that the police are trying their greatest scene to arrest any syndicate behind them.

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