ED suspends and sequesters properties in two completely different states in TN

The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) has taken possession of immovable property and tied it up in two completely different cases in Tamil Nadu.

In the first case, the emergency department linked three immovable properties – one floor on the ECR and two farmlands in Tiruvannamalai, owned by Sri Lankan citizens, Gunasekaran, better known as Perama Kumar, his son Dileep , alias Thileep amounts to ₹ 33.7 lakh in connection with a registered money laundering case towards competent Sri Lankans.

Gunasekaran is accused of attacking former Sri Lankan Prime Minister Chandrika Kumaratunga.

The duo and others have perpetuated offenses under the Aliens Act, Passport Act, NDPS Act and Indian Penal Code (IPC). The accused created and used fake playing cards similar to PAN and Aadhar cards and driving licenses over a period of time and remained illegally in India. All property connected within the immediate case was purchased after 2011 and the defendant was unable to explain the supply of funds used to purchase the same. It was also revealed that the market value of the mentioned immovable properties is much greater than the value that was talked about in the papers.

The investigation further revealed that certain persons have been actively associated with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Certainly, the individuals accused have been charged with murder, shopping, drug promotion and various other illegal acts in Sri Lanka.

In the second case, ED seized immovable property, GV Advanced in Thanjavur worth Rs 8.94 crore belonging to GV Movies Restricted, Chennai, under the provisions of Part 37A of the Alternative International Management Act

FEMA), 1999, referring to the dispensation of the international variant under the guise of issuing 6.4 million Global Depository Receipts (GDR) to reach Rs 345.6 crore. However, it seems that the market value of the mentioned drug is much greater, which is verified by the relevant authority.

Investigations revealed that GV Movies Restricted, with intent to misuse GDR proceeds, opened a checking account at Banco Efisa SA (financial institution), Lisbon, Portugal, for the purpose of handling GDR proceeds . In addition, they conspired with White View Buy and Sell, a British Virgin Island company. According to the conspiracy, Whiteview did indeed enter into a “credit score settlement” with Banco Financial and took advantage of a $40 million mortgage with the aim of subscribing to the GV's restricted GDRs.

In keeping with the details provided by the CEO, GV Movies has entered into a “cost of account” settlement with Banco and pledged the entire GDR proceeds as security against the mortgage provided by Whiteview. By leveraging the mortgage, White View Buying & Selling has subscribed a full $6.4 million GV Movies GV package, and GV Movies has pledged a full $40 million White View Buy & Sell mortgage.

Through this, GV Films has taken in US$40 Million, which is equal to Rs 172.8 crore, which is supposed to be brought back to India. Additional GV Films, as part of the pre-plan, was restricted to dispose of the international variant and issued 16,00,00,000 basic equity shares of Rs 172.8 crore representing the said pool of 6.4 million GDRs and the same was purchased in the Indian market by the entities common.

Additional investigations are conducted in each case.

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