Elvis Ali Hazarika turns into the oldest Indian to swim all over the North Channel

Imtiaz Ahmed / Guwahati

from For the Hazarika family, perhaps nothing came as an extra valuable gift on Pranami Hazarika's birthday on Wednesday from the information that her husband, Elvis Ali Hazarika, has grown into the staple from northeastern India who has swam across the UK's Northern Channel. In addition, he became the largest swimmer from India to achieve this feat.

Hazarika has also grown to become the primary relay swimmer from Asia To cross the dangerous channel from North Eyre to Scotland.

Elvis Ali Hazarika displays the Indian tricolor and the Assamese skull after finishing swimming

The 40-year-old adventurer traveled 14 hours and 38 minutes to achieve a feat beating tough cold water and a jellyfish sting on Tuesday. The water temperature ranged between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius. – The Voice, Elvis stated: “I completed it. However, it was very difficult. I was stung by a jellyfish from head to toe…I am recovering properly.”

Elvis was ready to assault the jellyfish, as he had mastered their overwhelming presence inside the channel throughout his 20-day acclimation period.

Earlier he posted a message on social media in which he said: “I am ready in The present time is too long.After much effort and hours of pushing myself to work more permanently, every day, I became more effective to become the base Assamese (Northeast) to cross the North Channel by swimming the Relay Northern Eire to Scotland. We needed to take Lots of challenges. In particular, the big jellyfish who was accompanying us all in the best way!

Elvis Ali Hazarika through the Expedition

“We are the main Asian labor force in relocation to cross the northern channel and I am the oldest primary swimmer from India who has It crossed the North Channel, reaching a time of 14 hours and 38 minutes.

“A dream has come true and a second of pride for all Indians and Assamese.

“Thank you to all my colleagues, my family, specifically Pranami (husband) and Presley (son), for all your love and help.

Elvis dedicated the achievement to his wife, and added: “This is in addition to my gift to my wife on Christmas her birthday. Thank you to everyone in your love and prayers thanks to which I accomplished this so efficiently.

Ibn Fakhr Al-Turbah: Elvis Ali Hazariqa, icon of Assam Jumcha appears after his mission

He had started to prepare for a long distance swim. Long in 2016, and was due for 2020 but postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.He needed to abort crossing the English Channel midway due to lack of acclimatization in 2018.

Elvis so far swam the high-risk whale, shark and dolphin infested Catalina Channel (USA) in 2019

Will he try to cross the English Channel again? To this, Elvis said: “This achievement is a giant motivator . I will try again in June.

Elvis swam inland in the Arabian Sea in 2021 and earlier this year to swim from Dharamtal jetty to India Gate in Mumbai and the Mumbai coast respectively.

The former world swimmer, who immersed himself in the aggressive pool at the young age of seven, set as high as with 23 nationwide data on his aggressive career and earned as high as 68 Medal, along with 20 in world encounters, however he was denied the famous Arjuna award which is attributed to an alleged bureaucratic gaffe by the then Assam authorities.Now Elvis is looking forward to Tenzing Norgay award for his sport trekking activities along with his latest feats in long distance swimming

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