Eugenie Bouchard ends her marketing campaign in Chennai in the quarter-finals

A strong return to the WTA Championships ended for Eugenie Bouchard, who was overshadowed in the quarter-finals in Chennai by Nadia Podroska 6-1 4-6, 2-6.

It was a really aggressive match and while Bouchard was a favorite in this match, only the Argentine proved to be very strong. Podroska has reached the semi-finals of the French Open previously, so she is familiar with learning how to play tennis and he has confirmed that here. Bouchard simply grabbed the opening set and smashed Podrowska 6-1 because the Argentine wanted time to warm up. that require a medical notice. However, Al-Kindi had decent odds in this, especially in the second serve but missed a lot of possibilities. Performs well for the Argentine. The match was stopped for about an hour due to the dangerous weather, but it continued after that. The Argentine kept her cool and finished the match 6-2.

Not strong enough from Bouchard's long-term baseline. However, the quarter-finals and some beneficial factors were won.

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